A note from GWEN’s Co-founder and COO Tess Cacciatore

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Posted on February 28, 2013

It’s a cloudy February day and I’m reminded how the short days and long nights
of winter provide time to reflect and embrace the dark side residing within.

Today I’m grateful and fulfilled that my life-long dream of GWEN is coming true.
But not so long ago I felt I was circling a rabbit hole in jeopardy of tumbling down
far out of reach of my dreams. Through these dark times and other inevitable ups
and downs of life, I have come to understand that the dark and light in life give
context, with the dark fortifying our will and pushing us beyond real and imagined
limitations into the light.

Every February, Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity experience this contrast
as it relates to romantic love. While many celebrate finding love, others run
around trying to fill a void – longing for love or fearing losing what they have.
True bliss resides in knowing that light and dark resides within and we choose
which dominates. When we truly grasp this, the light of self-love has the
opportunity to shine through darkness regardless of circumstances.

GWEN’s goal is to empower people to rediscover self-love so they can transform
and live a life beyond circumstances, beyond abuse. We stand to help you leave
your dark winter and follow your light into spring and the promise of rejuvenation
and new life.

January and February have been very busy and March is even more so as
you’ll see in the stories below. Check out our upcoming GWEN Talks and if you
missed one, you can still listen in by clicking on the links provided. Thank you for
your interest in GWEN. We look forward to growing with you. – Love, Tess

GWEN Talks January February Recap

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GWEN Talks January/February Recap

GWEN Talks is a weekly tele-seminar series that shares insights and gives
empowerment tools for healing and moving forward. Each week a new guest
host will participate, sharing his/her ideas on practical steps to take action in your

Tess Cacciatore, GWEN’s COO and Co-founder is the host of the series and
facilitates intimate and non-scripted conversations that share the inner dreams
and dynamics of healing.

We archive the series, so here is a brief synopsis of the past shows you may
have missed and a link to see/hear the episodes. Each one is streamed live onto
our GWEN channel on YouTube.

Stay tuned for future shows, as we are switching up the formula and delivery
system, based on the input of satisfied listeners.

Betsy-ChasseJanuary 12: Betsy Chasse, Co-writer and Director of Internationally
Acclaimed Film What the Bleep do We Know?

Chasse candidly shared her successes and failures that led to her personal
transformation — the serendipitous journey of co-writing and directing the
internationally acclaimed film What the Bleep do We Know? to her painful
divorce, which left her a single mother of two. Chasse’s journey to the dark side
led her to question her life, her actions, and eventually she realized she was
perpetuating a story that wasn’t authentic.

“You can get caught up in that story and you don’t like yourself. You know you
are not being authentic in the world and it starts eating away at you. I needed to
love myself. It is easier to love yourself, when you are being yourself,” she said.


January 19: Whether Entering Your Golden Years or Have Parents Who
Are, This Webinar is for You

On January 19, GWEN Talks featured two dynamic personalities sharing insights
into embracing life and living it to the fullest, no matter what your age — Jackie
Goldberg, an 80-year-young activist well-known for inspiring and motivating
senior citizens to look at life in new ways and Lorrie Caplan-Shern an author,
artist and life coach who discussed how to honor, celebrate the most important
elders in our lives and culture — our parents.


January 26: GWEN Club Launched in January with Teen Meeting and

No subject was off limits on the January 26 GWEN Talks webinar when high
school seniors and GWEN Club co-presidents Tayce Taylor and Monique Candiff
tackled tough subjects as abuse, sexual molestation, teen and cyber bulling,
pressure to have sex, sexual orientation, drugs, sex trafficking and runaway
teens forced into prostitution.

Dynamic examples of teens with integrity and tenacity to follow their passions,

Taylor and Candiff took it upon themselves to start the first GWEN Club. Word
spread and the group continues to grow powered by the desire to help put an
end to abuse and open the dialog around important topics to teens…


February 2: “Coming Out Coach” Rick Clemons Shares Personal Story on
GWEN Talks Special Presentation for LGBT Community

On February 2, GWEN Talks featured the “Coming Out Coach” Rick Clemons
who tackled important issues in the LGBT community including domestic
violence in same-sex relationships, hate crimes and abuse.

The author, speaker, and dating, life and sex coach shared his personal story
and talked about how he became certified to help others realize their purpose
and passion and feel confident with their sexual orientation.

Clemons said, “Whether gay, straight, male, female – it doesn’t matter. We all
have truths that, once released, enable us to come out and live fully in our lives.”


February 9: GWEN Talks Valentine’s Special Presentation “Share your
Voice, Share your Love Center”

Tracey Trottenberg, founder and CEO of Amazing Women International (AWI),
an organization which connects and educates women leaders throughout the
world, will bring more than 20 years of coaching experience to the GWEN Talks
Valentine’s special “Share your Voice, Share your Love Center” on Saturday,
February 9, 2013.

During the hour-and-a-half webinar, Trottenberg gave participants tips for
speaking and presentation effectiveness and how to step into their leadership,
skyrocket their presence and impact, and grow their personal and business
relationships while staying true to their authentic selves.


February 16: Domestic Violence Activist and Musician Russel Blake Takes
on Tough Topics in “Empowerment and Abuse from the Male Point of

Considering the estimates that between 600,000 and 6 million women are
victims of domestic violence each year and between 100,000 and 6 million men,
(depending on the type of survey used to obtain the data) domestic violence is
obviously not a gender-specific issue, yet we rarely get the male perspective.

COO and co-founder of GWEN, Tess Cacciatore, who lead the call said, “It’s not
surprising that men are not as forthcoming as women when it comes to the topic
of abuse. Cultural norms require men to be strong, negating the appearance of
female-perpetrated abuse and the likelihood that men would express fear of any

For the one-and-a-half-hour webinar, Blake drew from his book coming out later
this year, As Men, We Can Do Better: 12 Principles of Effective Change Against
Intimate Partner Violence. It’s Blake’s latest book in a series that promotes his
philosophy — “Good men comprise the best solution against the worst of men,
who practice Intimate Partner Violence.”


February 23: GWEN Talks Featured “Voices of Empowerment in Business –
Challenges and Opportunities in the Music Industry “ — Lizzie Sider, Steve
Adorno and Jennifer Hertberg were guests

February 23, GWEN Talks featured an intimate conversation about the
challenges and opportunities in a very specific business — the music industry.
COO and co-founder of GWEN, Tess Cacciatore will spoke with three music
business professionals from varying walks of life who have experienced or
witnessed abuse and managed to rise above the challenge and stay true to their
creative calling.