A Letter From My Unborn Child

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Posted on June 16, 2013

Dear potential daddy
I heard life on earth can be a two-sided coin:
either of a blessing or a lesson.
My other baby friends here are lost for a decision
I humble myself in my choice to be your joy.

I promise to be someone you can look up to someday
After years have weighed you down.
Your gentle hands that didn’t neglect me
Will own my arms tenderly wrapped around your neck,
As a priceless necklace to honour you.

Medals will pass for scrap
If you fail to serve the woman you have by your side…
Breakfast with ‘I’
Lunch her with ‘Love’
Dinner treat her with ‘You’
The best three recipes to complete a feminine’s day,
is a sincere confession of ‘I Love You’

She is a queen
If you play with her feelings
Her treasures may nev’r be seen.

I don’t under-estimate the intertwined prowess and compassion of a masculine chest
But if you treat her tender heart right
You would win her as a better complement,
to your endless struggles to make our home sweet.

I don’t expect a perfect dad
I need a friend, who will forget the lion in him
And calmly play with me like a child.

If you receive this letter
Expect me in about nine month’s time
As I prepare to hug and part my beloved friends in our world a warm adieu.
—Wilson ‘thePoet’


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Posted on June 13, 2013

GWEN launched the GWEN Alert, a free phone app, to help keep people safe in the event of an emergency. One GWEN member found out just how well the GWEN Alert works, luckily without the emergency.

“I was adding the GWEN Alert to my son’s phone and I forgot I linked the alert to a particular friend, because I only linked it to her when I was demonstrating how it worked. I pressed the alert thinking the only people who would get the text would be those in my household who knew I was safe because we were all together. Long story short, my friend texted me, asking if I were okay. I texted her back and said yes, and explained what I was doing. Well before she received my text (I guess it took a minute) she text me again, so I picked up the phone and called her. She was so worried and said she had called the police. My phone beeped and it was 911 checking to see if I were okay. I explained the whole thing to them. The 911 operator asked me several questions making sure all was well, and then we hung up. All of this in a matter of five minutes.”

If you aren’t familiar with the GWEN Alert, it’s a safety phone app allows users, with the click of the emergency button on a smart phone, to discreetly send a preset text to five pre-programmed contacts (GWEN 5), instantly alerting them that they are in danger and including GPS tracking for the location. Members on the user’s GWEN 5 can then send help to their location. Here, GWEN Girl and teen singer songwriter recently named CMA “Artist to Watch” Lizzie Sider demonstrates how to use your GWEN Alert.

Don’t wait for an emergency to wish you were better prepared. Download the GWEN Alert today! Download Here

Don’t Travel Without the GWEN Alert App

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School is letting out and it’s time to travel. Whether your family is planning a getaway or your teen is headed out on a group trip, or you’re simply planning a day hike, safety is a key consideration before walking out the front door. The following are a few suggestions to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

• Use GPS technology. We make this a simple step with our GWEN Alert, our free phone application featuring and emergency button to use in times of distress. With one discreet click of a button on a smart phone you can send an alert and GPS location to five pre-selected contacts the “GWEN 5” who can respond and/or send emergency support. To download, visit the Apple app store here:
GWEN Alert App
• Share your itinerary with friends and family at home. Make sure these are the same ones who are programmed into your GWEN Alert.
• Research your destination beforehand. Know the weather conditions, the areas to avoid, the water and food quality.
• Lock your luggage. You can’t lock your luggage for air travel, but be sure to lock it all other times. Whether in your hotel room, with the bellhop or anywhere else out of view make sure it’s locked so you return from your trip with everything you packed.

Safe travels!