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Posted on July 28, 2013

GWEN co-founder and COO Tess Cacciatore was a featured guest on KCWI 23 in her hometown of Des Moines recently to promote the GWEN Alert and encourage Iowans to empower themselves and others.  Cacciatore referenced how Iowa’s wholesome environment can lead to a false sense of security but the need to be vigilant is important no matter where you live.  Emphasizing this point in the following clip, Cacciatore talks about how 300,000 young people and children get abducted in the US and thrown into sex trafficking every year.  She said, “We don’t want to instill fear, we want to instill empowerment.”  She stressed the importance of teaching children empowerment from an early age so they are more aware and self-confident to keep themselves safe and make more informed choices.  “If someone as a young person feels confident about themselves, they get a lot more aware of who they bring into their lives, who they end up dating, who they end up marrying and that can decrease the statistics.”  Join GWEN and together we can make a difference.

Universities Failing to Respond, Students Turn to Feds for Action on Alleged Rapes

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Posted on July 26, 2013

According to a recent ABC News Report, federal authorities have launched an investigation into the handling of at least two alleged rapes at the University of Southern California to determine whether the school violated the victims’ civil rights by dismissing their claims, the latest in a growing number of similar investigations at colleges across the country. The lead organization investigating the incident is the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.
Tucker Reed, the lead complainant, said that USC dismissed her claim that her ex-boyfriend had raped her, despite her providing audio recordings of him admitting to it. Reed said, a USC official told her the goal was to offer and “educative” process, not to “punish” the assailant.
USC’s response was allegedly so underwhelming that Reed started a group called the Student Coalition Against Rape (SCAR). The group has filed a complaint with the Department of Education, saying the private school “grossly mishandles sexual assaults and rapes on its campus.”
In another case, also a student involved in the USC complaint, said she was told the campus police determined that no rape occurred in her case because her alleged assailant did not orgasm, and that therefore they had decided not to refer the case to the Los Angeles Police Department. She was told not to call the LAPD because the detectives would be very tough on her. She was forced to attend classes with her assailant on a weekly basis for more than a month.
GWEN stands in unity with the Students Coalition Against Rape (SCAR). Stop violence on college campuses now, join GWEN!

Stop Sex Trafficking — GWEN on WVOC FM Talk Radio

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Posted on July 23, 2013

GWEN Co-Founder and COO, Tess Cacciatore, spoke with Jonathon and Kelly about the growing human trafficking industry in the US. “In our own backyard, there are 300,000 children and young people on an annual basis that are kidnapped and thrown into this billion dollar industry called sex trafficking and human trafficking.  This is in America,” stated Cacciatore.

GWEN is working tirelessly to raise awareness about human trafficking in an effort to stop this multi-million dollar industry.  Listen to Cacciatore’s interview below.

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