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Posted on August 30, 2013

In response to a petition that was hosted on, Twitter recently introduced a “report abuse” button for individual tweets after a woman was harassed on the social network last month.  Caroline Criado-Perez started receiving rape threats and other abusive tweets when she campaigned to ensure that at least one (non-royal) woman would be represented on future British banknotes.

Started by digital bystander, Kim Graham, the petition demanded that Twitter release better tools for reporting abuse instead of requiring users to dig deep into the company’s help section.

According to a Guardian blog post, a Twitter representative explained that it is dedicated to creating “a safe place for our users” and that is it “adding additional staff to the teams that handle abuse reports.”

The questions is will this be enough and enforced properly to make a difference.  It is definitely a step in the right direction and with the number of abuses on social media sites growing exponentially there needs to be a way to set up regulations.  Let’s keep fighting to take back social media and eradicate it from abuse, so everyone around the world, man or woman, can have a voice for positive change.





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Posted on August 27, 2013

GWEN is proud to present their 2013 HMMA artists submissions.  Gary Lynn Floyd, pictured above with Tess Cacciatore won for his songUnboundlast year.


Michelle Delamore

Listen to “One Smile Away

After competing with 110,000 other singers across the nation in 2010, Miami native Michelle Delamor landed a spot as a finalist on American Idol. Shortly after her time on the show, she teamed up with Grammy nominated producers Ill Factor (Kevin Rudolf, Justin Timberlake, Faith Hill etc.) and Wayne Rodrigues (Natasha Bedingfield “Unwritten”, Kelly Clarkson etc.) Creating a sound that showcases both her raspy edgy tone as well as her soft and vulnerable side, a fusion of Soul Pop and Rock.

Her purpose is to lift and inspire the lives of millions around the world by bringing electrifying entertainment with an empowering message and has had the opportunity of opening for many artists such as Lil’ Wayne, Akon, Keyshia Cole, Ziggy Marley, Tamia and Jeffrey Osbourne. Embracing her Colombian, Honduran and Argentine roots, Michelle plans on being a part of the Latin music market as well.

Stay in touch with Michelle: Facebook, Twitter & Youtube

Carl John

Listen to “Dark Side of Your Soul

Since his artistic journey began, Carl John has walked the red carpet performing with Robin Thicke, licensed his song for film, recorded with a production with a team whose numerous credits include The Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson and Jack Ingram, and has his first full body of work being produced by Ray Stephenson, who has written for Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney and numerous cuts on the Guy Clark albums.   The Journey, the upcoming release, features grammy award winning flutist Robert Mirabal.  Carl John’s journey is currently being chronicled in an upcoming series produced by Gwen network and Agape International entitled Native Americana.

But the journey of Carl John just as the artist himself, has inherently been a part of him, aligning the Universe to his hearts creative passion.  Unbeknownst to this Indiana boy, one moment’s spontaneity would act as a catalyst on that musical journey.

CJ found his early success in several lucrative business ventures and with discipline, dedication and drive, became a millionaire entrepreneur. Along with the financial success came an enviable lifestyle of luxury and a wife and a young daughter with another on the way.

At the end of the last decade, CJ invested in Vox (Latin for voice), a club known for serving the best wines and featuring the finest musical performers. As Vox opened its doors, the door on his marriage slammed shut following the birth of his second daughter. Vox turned out not to be a place for everyone to unwind and enjoy, but a vortex that drained CJ of his millions as he struggled to maintain the club’s overhead as the economy slid into disaster.  The demise of Vox, combined with a drastic dip in the economy a strenuous divorce and custody settlement, forced CJ to watch as the club, family, and his lavish lifestyle were sucked down the drain.  

One night, after one of the Vox musicians a touring percussionist with the rock group The Killers, had played his set, CJ pointed at a guitar on stage.  Now that’s a beauty,” he said, whistling. “So play me something,” replied the musician, issuing the words like a friendly challenge. He could have been drunk; he could have just been playing around, but I shrugged and picked up the shiny guitar and began to sing.  

Without any singing training, and only having in recent years having begun playing guitar, CJ delivered a powerful performance. “Gripped by a sound and a song, my voice seemed to have a life of its own,” recalls CJ. “That night—for a long minute—I didn’t have a voice. It had me.”

Once the song ended, the musician stared at CJ wide eyed and exclaimed “Hey, you really have a great americana sound. You should sing.” With the first compliment anyone had ever paid to his voice, CJ knew he had to follow his voice and intuition. Two rehearsals and two weeks later, CJ performed a full set live in front of a packed audience. And, as someone famous once said, the stage was set.

Though he fell hard from the top, a net caught CJ on his way down: his voice. The very thing his failing business venture was named after turned out to be his new path in life. CJ chose to accept the Universe’s tap on the shoulder to realign him with the path from which he’d strayed.

After bouncing hard off of the bottom, CJ decided to completely change everything about his life and went from being a bankrupt business owner to an emerging country americana sensation.  “People ask me why I chose country” says CJ, “look at my life, I didn’t  choose country, country chose me.” 

Sometimes in life, coming full circle is a long way to go to get to the place from which you started, creating the life that you are born to live.  

Stay in touch with CJ: FacebookTwitter & YouTube

Lizzie Sider

Listen to “Butterfly

Lizzie is 15 years old, and a sophomore in high school. Music and theater first got into Lizzie’s heart and soul in the small town of Jackson, WY, where she has lived each summer since she was born. During early childhood summers, Lizzie looked up to the actors at the Jackson Hole Playhouse, where at age 4 she saw her first musical, Annie Get Your Gun. Lizzie sat in the front row during performances, and sang along, to all of the songs. Lizzie went on to participate in children’s’ shows, work at the concession stand, and in the, and eventually in the main show, as well as in the daily old western “shoot.out” that is reenacted on the local town square.

Growing up, Lizzie attended concerts of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, and others. She knew that she wanted to do what they did, just as she knew when she saw the performances at the Jackson Hole Playhouse.

Lizzie has opened for Gloriana, Jamie O’Neal and Aaron Tippin, and has been the featured performer at several Rodeos. She has performed at a myriad of writer’s nights in Nashville. Lizzie recently performed with Teddy Gentry (Alabama) at his 2013 birthday party in Nashville. And, Lizzie has performed at Nashville’s Bluebird Café and in the Grand Ballroom at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel during Couture Fashion Week in NYC.  Lizzie has been the host of “Breaking Out”, which is TCN.  Zuus Country Network’s television show, that showcases up and coming country artists. She has been featured on TV on Hallmark’s Home & Family Show, and on the premier country music interview TV show, Crook & Chase.

Lizzie has toured the St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, and hopes to play for the kids there, soon.  Lizzie has performed at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL., at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, at the Ronald McDonald House in Nashville, and at several Girl Scouts events. 

Lizzie has been named by the CMA (Country Music Association) as one of the “new artists to watch in 2013”.   Lizzie sees herself as having a calling to perform on the big stage and to become a role model and inspiration to others.  People in the industry love working with Lizzie. Lizzie is clean cut, a breath of fresh air, a little old fashioned in certain ways, wholesome, fun loving, and very respectful of others. Lizzie is a genuine sweetheart. 

With a whole lot of country and a hint of pop, Lizzie provides us with a great story, about overcoming life’s obstacles, mistreatments and/or misfortunes, in her debut single, “Butterfly.” Listeners will be surprised with her mature and deep sounds. Don’t expect Lizzie to be a replica of any mainstream country artist because she definitely can hold her own when it comes to satiating a country music lover’s appetite with her mature vocals and youthful lyrics. 

Lizzie’s debut single, “Butterfly”, and second single, “I Love You That Much”, both made the top 40 on the well respected Nashville Music Row Country Chart. 

Lizzie recently made her first.ever music video for “I Love You That Much”. The video was filmed at the downtown Los Angeles Union Station by director, Steven Goldmann (Shania Twain, Martina McBridge,  Alan Jackson). It is playing on,, TCN .Zuus Country TV, and on TNN, The Nashville Network Television Station. 

Lizzie’s first full length studio album, will be released in 2013, with songs being produced by Jamie O’Neal (“There is no Arizona”) and by Joe Vulpis (Lady Gaga).  You can stay in touch with Lizzie:  FacebookTwitter & YouTube

Storytelling Through Video: Finding the Courage to Heal

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Posted on August 20, 2013

Do you have a story of empowerment to share? Have you overcome an abusive situation and triumphed?

Share your story so others can learn from your experiences and get the courage to speak out and heal.

The Global Women’s Empowerment Network has a mission — to provide those who have encountered abuse the opportunity to share their stories of empowerment. Through its technology partnership with WeVideo, GWEN provides a simple and user-friendly way for people to create personal videos, utilizing their webcams and even cell phones to make a video that they can then share with the community. No need for fancy cameras, video editing software, or extensive music library — the cloud-based editor does it all without having to download any software – it is all accessible through the GWEN browser.

Since GWEN launched the campaign, people have shared their videos of up to three minutes focusing on subjects like domestic abuse, sexual abuse, bullying and even human trafficking.

“Every one of the stories that goes up there breaks my heart and inspires me at the same time,” said GWEN’s COO and co-founder, Tess Cacciatore. “These are stories that are hidden and people have to have the courage to come out and tell their stories to heal. Watching others stories also gives them the opportunity to say I am not alone.”

Watch the video below and learn more about how you can “Tell Us Your Story” through this amazing video storytelling technology.