Loving & Trusting Yourself: Meditation, Life & Breath

Posted by Rocco Distefano
Posted on January 21, 2014

By Rocco Distefano

Rocco Distefano PicHello! I’m Rocco Distefano! I am glad you are here! I believe you were born with an Awesome purpose and that you are here to do something very special!

I have been teaching meditation for 15 years and I am blessed with the opportunity to work with this planet’s best and brightest! Including You! In my travels I meet many people. Powerful and gentle people who are at the top of their game in nearly every field, yet I am amazed at how many were living in doubt even when every fiber of their being was telling them that they should trust their instincts. They were having trouble hearing their inner voice, the very one with the key to their heart’s desires and special life’s purpose! And with so many conveniently placed distractions I can understand why! So many of my students come to me with programming pre-installed from television, family, and the “media at large” instructing them to override their natural intuition and go along with what others say is “better for them” or the “correct way”! In fact one of my most commonly heard sentences from new students at the start of each semester at YourLifeIsAwesome.com is: “I need you to teach me to meditate correctly” or “I am terrible at meditation”. Baloney! My beautiful students were unaware that these statements were damaging their connection to their life’s purpose and were cutting them off from the very source of their own living power because these statements were someone else’s story! Not their own. Saying you are “terrible at meditation” is like saying you are “terrible at life” which judging from my experience is unequivocally untrue! You already are successful! Now it is time to step into the person you have already worked to become! It that simple!

The reason I use this analogy is because Meditation and Life are inextricably linked. And today I will share with you one of the most unspoken truths about both: Whenever you make a focus of something for longer than 3 seconds You. Are. Meditating. That’s right! If you can think. You can meditate! You are doing it right now as you are reading this sentence! Now, I am confident that you do not need instructions on how to think so I will get right to the point and the second half of this analogy: To be successful at Life you must make a special focus on crafting what and how you think because what you think about most often becomes your reality in Life. This means that loving & trusting yourself (even if it’s not popular) will move you forward in life and any time spent doubting or ignoring yourself when your intuition is telling you to trust (yourself) is creating a damaging reality in the job you work, the relationships you have as well as your body, your home and your own self image. And with all the negative programming around us it’s no wonder! Never fear! Changing your thoughts to Trust and Love yourself is a powerful act of Self Love that can rework entire areas of your life in Awesome ways! I understand that sometimes this can feel like a daunting task, especially when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed so I will share with another special piece simple information that will help you begin on a gentler path of Loving and Trusting your inner voice. It is so simple that you may have over- looked it yet so powerful that it can unlock your hidden potential. It’s your breath! That’s right! Did you know that every time you breathe in you are saying Yes to your life?! This is one of the healthiest focuses you can have and you are always doing it! (I hope!) When you take the time to breath correctly you are giving your body, mind and spirit a chance to recalibrate, sending balance to all of your functions right down to the atomic level. This includes your thoughts! The more you practice at breathing in a way that is healthy for your body, the easier it will be for you to create a thought focus that is Self Loving and Self Trusting that comes naturally and effortlessly! That is powerful! And you are built to breathe in this healthy way! Which means you are designed to succeed!

Practice makes perfect so I am including a link to an audio file of one of my lessons on Meditation, Frequency & Breath as a gift to you! It will walk you through the basics of breathing in a way that is healthy and powerful for YOU as well as give a solid foundation for understanding what meditation really is and help you to under stand what it means to You. Try listening to it during your morning commute or right before you go to sleep! It will relax you while helping you to stand in your own power even in the most stressful of situations and teach you to recalibrate your mind, body and spirit so that you will begin to trust yourself in ways you never imagined.

Remember that the universe is very efficient and only creates exactly what it needs. This means that you are here for a very special purpose. I encourage you to listen and trust your inner voice especially when it comes to caring for your mind, body and soul. It will make the discovery of your special purpose that much more fun and waaaay easier! Continue to breath, focus, & balance yourself and you will begin to understand exactly why Your Life Is Awesome!

I Always Love hearing from You about what you think, feel & know! I encourage you to connect with me here to share your experience with this post and meditation and if you would like to discuss experiencing a life changing semester of YourLifeIsAwesome! I can’t wait to meet You!

Big Hugs and Love!

Rocco Distefano
(Copyright (C) Rocco Distefano 2014)

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Rocco Distefano

Rocco Distefano is a master teacher in the instruction of Intuition, Meditation and Self Compassion. In 1999 he became the founder of Your Life Is Awesome, which has also become a thriving online community for self compassion and self awareness.

Since the age of 3, Rocco has been communicating and channeling information from Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Self And Departed Loved Ones. Today he continues to share messages with students, friends and family from a place of Ethics, Integrity & Compassion.

Let Rocco show you why Your Life Is Awesome 🙂

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