LodeStar Kids: Changing Our World For the Better!

Posted by Camille Licate
Posted on June 21, 2014


LodeStar?  Is that even a word?  YES!  The meaning of a LodeStar is one who serves as an inspirational role model or guide.  

When I found the word LodeStar and read its meaning, I knew it would be the perfect name for my talk show on GWENNetwork T.V.  “LodeStar Kids” showcases amazing teens and tweens who are taking positive action on local, national and global issues impacting their world and future generations.  LodeStar Kids motto:  Respect for all people, animals and the planet!

I have had the honor of interviewing some extraordinary LodeStar Kids in the past 6 months.  Meet a couple LodeStar Kids, today, and read about their causes and learn how YOU can get involved!


9-year-old James donates his time and hard earned allowance to Beagle Freedom Project, an organization that advocates ending Animal Testing on Beagles.

– How can you get involved?  Visit http://www.beaglefreedomproject.org

– Against Animal Testing?  Check out this link.  It will help you choose products that are kind to animals: http://www.leapingbunny.org/shopsearch.php


10-year-old Macie has designed and created dolls from winter gloves.  Not only are these dolls one of a kind, but also all proceeds from their sales goes to the organization, Children of Peace Uganda.  Children of Peace Uganda helps rehabilitate former child soldiers by offering them a holistic approach to empowerment.  Some of these approaches are vocational training, art therapy and organic farming.

– How can you get involved?  Visit: http://childrenofpeaceuganda.com/donate/

-Watch the trailer and purchase the Children of War Film: http://childrenofpeaceuganda.com/children-of-war-film/

Until next time…be the voice for those that have no voice.  Be a LodeStar!

Camille Licate
Creator and Host of LodeStar Kids on GWENNetwork T.V.

More info + contact Camille: www.theshoegal.com


Camille Licate

Camille is an author, actress, writer, producer, speaker and founder of Kids for Positive Change™, an enrichment program encouraging kids, K-12, to learn and take action on local, national and global issues impacting their world. Coupled with her work as a GWENNetwork Producer, Camille is the Creator and Host of GWENNetwork’s series LodeStar Kids (definition of Lode Star: one who serves as an inspiration, model or guide), spotlighting kids, nationally and internationally, that are doing good for the planet, by addressing environmental and third world welfare issues.  Camille is also a Contributing Correspondent and Co-Host for the radio show, Animal Magnetism – a show promoting animal advocacy.

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CosmiKids TV – EQ Central

Posted by Judy Julin
Posted on June 12, 2014

Judy Julin PicWith their schedules jam-packed with extracurricular activities, technology at their fingertips and a whole new breed of school bully, sometimes a child can begin to feel powerless in their own life. It’s more important now than ever to empower children by giving them the tools they need to remember their essential identity and the personal strength to achieve their goals and become their own role models for positive living. A peek behind the scenes at the filming of GWENNetwork’s CosmiKids TV and a visit with our friends across the globe through CosmiKids Connect is all about empowerment, self-care and emotional intelligence (EQ).

The following four tips featuring incredible CosmiKids help us all remember what’s important and to keep EQ Central in our lives.

1. Celebrate their Unique Power

The things that make them different from others are their greatest assets. Encourage them to take pride in their individuality.

Photo 1  Photo 2
(Photos: Isabella and Benjamin take some time on the set of CosmiKids TV to shine in their own unique ways.)

2. Because I’m Happy 

Surround yourself with positive people, engaging in activities that give you energy, while avoiding people, activities and foods that drain your energy or negatively upset the balance in your life.

Photo 3 Photo 4 Photo 5(Photos: Freckle-faced and radiant, Matei shares his smile and good vibes during the shooting of the Water Thoughts segment. Several of our CosmiKids cast mates laugh and share ideas with each other and Dr. Pooch during the Minds on Mother Earth segment.)

Photo 6 Photo 7 Photo 8
(Photos: CosmiKids Connects with lots of smiling & happy faces at AgapeLive.org and their summer Freedom School. They generate a love of reading in Los Angeles youth. )

Reading is freedom! They provide free and healthy meals, family support and increased social awareness. Agape stops the cradle to prison pipeline. Statistics proves reading and creative expression reduces violence and the debilitating effects of poverty. The Agape Freedom School raises self-esteem and creative expression for youth ages 5 and up. Follow them on Twitter: #AgapeCDFFS

3. Chill

Respect your child’s need for down time in between or after a jam-packed day of activities by building it into their daily routine. Encourage activities that allow your child to breathe and relax — whether it’s free play, yoga, meditation or just taking a break from technology.

Photo 9
(Photo: CosmiKids’ Ashlynn takes a breather inside one  of the sense tents at the Vibration Station. Energy is everything! Take a breather!)

Photo 10
(Photo: As part of our CosmiKids Connect segment, we tune in to our friends at New Hampshire’s HunterSchool.org and enjoy a glimpse of their down time activities or lack thereof. Simple quiet time and yoga soothes the soul and quiets the energies of the mind, amidst their otherwise busy day at school.)

Photo 11
(Photo: Hunter charts the energies that their students resonate. It becomes a mirror to reflect their positive vibes, supportive actions and peaceful demeanor. They learn how to regain their center by breath work, focus and affirmations. Chilling from time-to-time helps balance one’s energies.)

4. Stellar Performance

Focusing on your child’s positive behaviors and achievements and rewarding them with praise often breeds more positive behaviors and empowers them to make better choices while building their self-esteem. Reprimanding your child for negative behaviors may reduce negative behaviors, however it does not increase positive behaviors and can be damaging to the child’s developing sense of inner confidence and strength. Serving as a mirror to reflect your child’s positive actions, abilities and qualities help them to see themselves as valuable, talented and capable individuals. The way you teach your child to behave positively also sets an example for your child to teach their peers to treat them with respect and kindness.

Photo 12 Photo 13
(Photos: CosmiKids cast member Norman is a talented, capable boy who shares his light, his heart and his ideas with everyone on set.)

Photo 14

CosmiKids Connects with friends Indio and Mio and their positive playtime at La Beltrana Intentional Permaculture Farm and Homeschoool in Buenos Aries, Argentina. They have been chasing butterflies all summer. This day Luis Alberto (their father) made them a net to catch butterflies. The small birdcage that you see on the orange-wheeled cart was to be a home for them. They went outside to search for butterflies yet couldn’t find a single one. The weather was sunny but since its autumn in South America now, its not that warm. They talked with their mom about why they couldn’t find any butterflies. They went inside the house and looked up on Internet about how butterflies live, what they like, when they fly and when they don’t. They learned a lot about something they love – butterflies.

More information on CosmiKids: www.cosmikids.org

Judy Julin

Judy Julin, founder of CosmiKids and CEO of Engage Enterprises, Inc. is gifted entrepreneur, creative thinker and marketing dynamo who has been active in child enrichment, education and children’s wellness programming since 1982. A pioneer in developing schools, community learning centers, curriculum, media and activities that cultivate the connection between intellectual development, social and emotional growth, physical health, and spiritual awareness, she founded CosmiKids in 2003 at Deepak Chopra’s Center for Well-Being in Carlsbad, CA after developing a whole child educational business model and creating a number of children’s health clubs. Several years later, Julin was showcased with CosmiKids in Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success movie based on his best selling book, featured alongside Olivia Newton-John. Today there are CosmiKids centers in Mumbai, India (2012), Toronto, Canada (2015), an LA-based multi-generational learning center (2015) and an internet-based CosmiKids TV show launching through GWENNetwork.com in 2014.

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FRONT AND CENTER: On Getting Older

Posted by Michael Littenberg
Posted on June 07, 2014

As I find myself getting older each day, I have noticed some unexpected changes aside from the usual, “may I help you,” or people who insist on calling you “sir”.  My voice no longer resonates with the same heretofore clarity exhibited in past years. I’ve tried to recalibrate my particular vocal range, but that has done little to effectuate a positive change or any other change, for that matter. It seems to lack the vitality that has been a trait in my family.  I remember my mom and my uncle had the same issue.  We have to put more effort into being heard.  Contrast that with the youthful exuberance of a child.  They have no trouble being heard, sometimes too easily.  They raise their voices with characteristic frequency, as if they are daring you to stifle their determination to be heard. Another words, they are finding their voice.

Michael L Picture






What’s even more unique is “my laugh”.  Through the years, I have (through osmosis, I think) incorporated other peoples’ laughs. That had been a common occurrence when I was in my thirties and forties.  Now my laughing has taken on a different turn.  My laughs seemingly are drawn out, sort of comparable to a Texan drawl.  Not being from Texas, I just attribute this new trait (or exhibit) to someone who cannot help getting older (as we all find ourselves doing these days or any days. There’s more space in between the intervals of my laughs, and it might take a fraction longer to initiate, not unlike the turbo lag experience in cars.

Getting older does come with its own advantages.  People, as I had previously referred, will call you sir and are more apt to open the door for you.  They are eager to “help” even if you would prefer that they wouldn’t be so “kind.”  Nothing wrong with people helping, but I have always preferred to do things for myself.  “Yes, I can still reach the bottom shelf and get my own bottle of water, thank you very much.”  “No, I don’t need any help with taking the cart out to my car.  I will keep the change, thank you.

And frankly, there are some things that you wish you could still do with the enthusiasm and panache as you had faithfully (or otherwise, as it may be) exhibited.  By the way, just in case you are left wondering, I’m a firm advocate for being faithful.

The more I think about all of this, it seems that most of us are never quite satisfied where we are in life.  When we’re very young we strive to be heard, as if we have deserved to stake out a position without earning our stripes.  When we become adolescents, we try to look and act older than we actually are, sometimes much older.  When we are absorbed with the life of “so called middle age,” it seems we are just trying to survive.  And then when we qualify to become the “benefactors of politeness,” we yearn to return to the times when life was less, for lack of a better word, “polite.”  I could have said irritating, but I prefer to be polite and to think of myself as someone who is polite.  I wonder, does all of this make me a hypocrite?

Michael Littenberg

Michael is a successful entrepreneur with a commitment to civil rights and social justice and passion for creative expression. For three decades, Littenberg was active in real estate, but more recently has focused on his creative talents – writing and composing music. Littenberg’s love for music and composing, combined with his dedication to social good, inspired him to collaborate with friend and musician, Sterling Smith, to write the song “A Call to the Women of the World” — a passionate and powerful call to action to stop the violent atrocities plaguing women worldwide. The song aligns with the foundation of GWEN’s mission to inspire women to speak out against violence. Through his years in business, Littenberg learned that success in business takes more than just a good idea; it requires a great team and platform to become a reality. Littenberg is intent on demonstrating that a corporation can be financially successful while simultaneously improving the lives of women. Littenberg maintains his long-term family ties to Cedars-Sinai and with the success of GWEN, looks to continue his family’s legacy of philanthropy.

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