LodeStar Kids: Meet Isaac Basal, He’s on a Mission to End Bullying

Posted by Camille Licate
Posted on July 12, 2014


The definition of a LodeStar is someone who serves as an inspirational role model or guide.

This week LodeStar Kids is showcasing another amazing kid singing his way to a better world! Meet pop star, Isaac Basal.  At 15 years old, Isaac Basal, is doing more than singing amazing music!  Isaac is using his talent and voice (literally) to fuel his anti-bullying campaign.

Isaac and CamilleDid You Know?

About 1 & 4 kids are bullied at school or online in the United States

Bullying can be Verbal, Physical or Cyber and includes harassing, teasing, humiliating, intimidating, threatening, pushing, shoving, hitting and gossiping

Bullying can lead to kids feeling sad, depressed, skipping school and acting out

Learn more about Isaac, his music and his anti-bullying efforts by visiting:http://www.isaacbasal.com.

Listen to “GIVE IT ALL” (2014):  https://www.youtube.com/user/IsaacBOfficial.

How can you get involved?  http://power2gether.org  AND download this pledge:


Until next time…be the voice for those that have no voice. Be a LodeStar!

Camille Licate
Creator and Host of LodeStar Kids on GWENNetwork T.V.

More info + contact Camille: www.theshoegal.com



Camille Licate

Camille is an author, actress, writer, producer, speaker and founder of Kids for Positive Change™, an enrichment program encouraging kids, K-12, to learn and take action on local, national and global issues impacting their world. Coupled with her work as a GWENNetwork Producer, Camille is the Creator and Host of GWENNetwork’s series LodeStar Kids (definition of Lode Star: one who serves as an inspiration, model or guide), spotlighting kids, nationally and internationally, that are doing good for the planet, by addressing environmental and third world welfare issues.  Camille is also a Contributing Correspondent and Co-Host for the radio show, Animal Magnetism – a show promoting animal advocacy.

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