Tess Cacciatore: Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Tess Cacciatore: Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Tess is an award-winning producer for the past 20+ years in the areas of entertainment, technology and philanthropy.

Tess has dedicated her life to advocating for peace, justice, and equality around the globe. She has traveled the United States and abroad as a humanitarian documentary producer and activist, while conducting empowerment and mentorship programs to empower people and to eradicate unjust systems that are a plight to humans, animals and the environment. Tess uses her voice as a vehicle to bring awareness and activate people to take a stand for making changes in the world.

Tess’s career as a producer in the entertainment and technology industries drives the global productions of GWEN and now her 20 year vision of a global online television network of empowerment has launched under the umbrella of GWEN. Check out GWENNetwork TV.

Throughout her life, Tess has spoken regularly at international platforms on behalf of children and the imperative use of media and technology to bridge cultures of the world. She has addressed thousands of people through conferences, workshops, and festivals, and millions through radio and TV appearances. Cacciatore’s media appearances include: “The Today Show”“Prime Time with John Stossel”The Manny Alvarez Show (FOX) and local TV news in cities such as: Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Dallas, Austin, New York. Tess has appeared as a guest on numerous global radio programs, as well as hosted her own radio show (now webseries GWEN Talks).

Tess has brought her story to many publications such as: Family CircleThe New York TimesThe Los Angeles TimesThe Chicago TribuneThe Des Moines Register, and Parenting Magazine. In 2003 Cacciatore was awarded the Fete d’Excellence from Sub-Commission for Human Rights at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland for her work in educational entertainment and continues to use her voice to speak out and produce events in conjunction with the United Nations from 2000 to present day. Her passion is to reach the “powers that be” to change local and international laws to protect women and children globally.

Some of her more notable efforts include raising funds to feed 1.3 million children annually through social media and micro donations (FEED 333 from 2004-2007) building 38 homes in Sri Lanka after the 2005 Tsunami, creating the YOUR VOICE YOUR CHOICE global campaign to assist young leaders in Africa, along with humanitarian collaborations that include delivering safe drinking water filters, music instruments for students, beds and nets to protect children from malaria, and humanitarian relief in United States, Thailand, Vietnam, El Salvador, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Congo, South Africa, and more.

Prior to co-founding the Global Women’s Empowerment Network, Cacciatore was founder and executive director of the World Trust Foundation, an organization mentoring youth to become future leaders working together towards a sustainable world. Over the past decade, Cacciatore has traveled the globe connecting youth-focused nonprofit organizations and inspiring youth to take action towards positive changes in their lives, local communities, and global community.

Brenda Brown

breandaMany of BBE’s (Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC) clients refer to Brenda as Queen B, the Queen of Social Marketing and Promotion. Brenda is one of those unique individuals that lights up a room the moment she enters and almost every professional she comes in contact with wants to associate with her outgoing personality and BBE. With that ability Brenda has surrounded herself with some of the best professionals and names in the industry as well as an endless list of many friends and associates that she can call on anytime for immediate assistance and guidance. She has been in the music industry for over 20 years, as well as worked in outside sales from owning 5 car dealerships in California, to a Mortgage company in Las Vegas. She has personally managed several artists, is on a consulting retainer with many others and is always giving her vast array of marketing savvy and ideas to those that are serious about going to the next level. Brenda works tirelessly practically round the clock, lives to be of service to others and treats everyone like they are her only client.

Brenda served on the Board of Directors for the Genard Aids Foundations and has spoken publicly throughout Northern California Bay Area High Schools on teen pregnancy and battered women. She has personally dealt with both and she knows first hand about empowering herself. She happily passes this knowledge on to other women. She has been a member of Alanon for 20 years, as well as an Alateen Sponsor. Throughout her teen years she held fundraisers for the City of Hope.

Jeta Amata

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.01.07 PMJeta comes from a family of veteran filmmakers (Ifoghale Amata, Zack Amata and Fred Amata), it is no surprise that he soars in the world of film and entertainment. Jeta, known for such movies as “The Amazing Grace”, “Alexa Affair” and “Mary Slessor”, is a renowned Nigerian filmmaker, who has received local and international acclaim. He rose to global prominence when he produced a film/documentary for the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation in 2003 using his film “Game of Life” as footage for the documentary. Debuting his movie “Alexa Affair” at the Berlin film festival in 2004 set him firmly in the minds of Nigerians and the world forever as our own Nollywood success story. Jeta’s The Amazing Grace which won the award as Best West African Film in 2006 Screen Nations Award UK is also the first Nigerian film to be screened at the prestigious Cannes film festival. Jeta’s recent credits include, Inale (A musical on an African fairy tale) and Black Gold (A film that chronicles the suffering of oil rich Niger Deltans of Nigeria).

Dr. Lori Vollandt

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 12.16.10 PMDr. Lori Vollandt has been a champion of Health Education and Violence Prevention education for the past 20 years. She has co-authored a national policy on the Prevention of Teen Dating Violence in Partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and has been called to do a congressional briefing on this important subject.  Dr. Vollandt has worked with LAUSD leadership to adopt a district wide policy on the prevention, intervention and response to Teen Dating Violence. Dr. Vollandt holds a Doctorate in Education from University of California at Los Angeles and is also and adjunct professor at University of Southern California in the Rossier School of Education.