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Posted by Tess Cacciatore
Posted on August 13, 2015

My blog, “Kitchen Cacciatore” combines all my passions: travel, food, wine, gardening, and the good ole plain opinion that I have on various topics.

Photographs from around the world will be featured, including my selfie “put your feet up” series, which is to remind us to all take a moment to catch our breath and actually put up our feet!

Growing up in an Italian family, my father always had this obsession with shoes. He had one of those wooden shoe-shine kits that he pulled out every Sunday afternoon, to make sure that we all had “a shine and a polish” to our shoes before the new week began.

My Catholic, girl school days definitely had a sparkle to my patent leather shoes. Even when I came home for breaks during college, I would go out with my friends at night, only to return to find my freshly polished boots lined up by the front door.

My father always told me that one can tell a lot about person, by the shoes they wear and the condition of their teeth. The latter mention of teeth is due to the fact that my family is in the dental business. I prided myself from an early age to have good shoes and healthy teeth. In my adult life I even found myself looking at mens feet, much before noticing what they were wearing.

I have owned thousands of shoes over the span of my life and probably have a healthy collection of a least a few hundred shoes at this time. Even though one of my favorite thing to do is to walk shoeless on wet grass, or warm sand, and feel the earth beneath my feet.

My shoe of choice over the years has been the sexy high heels, platform boats, and high boots. However, the more mature I get the more comfortable I want to feel. Even with a closet full of amazing designer shoes, I most likely opt for my comfy Ugg boots on any given day. In fact, my Ugg’s are exactly what I am wearing, as i write this blog.

I love having the cute stiletto’s as part of my wardrobe for talk show interviews, because I know as soon as the camera turns away, I can throw off my shoes.

Most recently, while in Las Vegas for the Collision Conference, I decided that walking the streets of Vegas, and on cement-floored, booth-to-booth scouring adventures, that I wanted to be comfortable. I wore my Steve Madden, sparkly black flats, (pictured above) which seemed to give the flair of twinkly lights, but the comfort of walking on clouds.

My fellow conference travelers were much younger than I. One gal was an Asian beauty in her thirties, while the other was a long-haired Irish lass, ripe in her twenties. They both glided gracefully throughout each long day and night, dressed in their cute pumps, albeit getting back to the hotel with blisters abound. One night we went out to a bar after the networking functions of the day. I was the invisible “older mama gal” who basically watched and reminisced my younger days, when men would flock around me and my girlfriends. It made me smile and feel a tad bit sad at the same time. I felt like I was passing a torch, remembering when older women would come up to me and say, “Take advantage of your youth … one day you’ll be out there and you will have become invisible.” I could not imagine what that would be like and felt at the time that it was simply impossible.

While taking a day off between conference days I was watching a new Netflix series,
“Grace and Frankie” starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. They were in a convenient store trying to purchase a package of cigarettes. Not one sales person would serve them, as they did not see them. Jane Fonda pounded on the counter with passion “I feel like I am invisible.” Lily Tomlin’s character was much more resourceful. She tapped Jane on the shoulder and motioned for her to go outside. When they got into the car, Lily slyly pulled out a stolen pack of cigarettes, “If I am invisible, then so are these.”

Now, mind you, I am not condoning stealing cigarettes, or even smoking them for that matter. I am seriously allergic to those cancer sticks. However, the scene made me laugh and feel more part of the ever-growing crowd of women who are feeling a bit out of place and a tad bit invisible. Now, mind you, I am not condoning stealing cigarettes, or even smoking them for that matter. I am seriously allergic to those cancer sticks. However, the scene made me laugh and feel more part of the ever-growing crowd of women who are feeling a bit out of place and a tad bit invisible.

This past spring, during the Cannes Film Festival, I heard the uproar of women from across the globe. Cannes Film Festival, director Thierry Fremaux apparently insisted that women walk the red carpet in a “formal” dress code — meaning that heels were required.

“Everyone should wear flats, to be honest. We shouldn’t wear high heels anyway,” said actress Emily Blunt. “That’s just my point of view. I prefer to wear Converse sneakers.”

It seemed that by the social media backlash, Fremaux was forced to apologize.

My best part of Vegas when I was out with all the cute guys paying attention to my younger counterparts, was when a hot, young guy approached me as I sat alone. He said, “I really like your shoes.” I replied with surprise, “Oh really – what do you like about them?”

His answered, “You reek confidence and you don’t have to prove anything.” He looked around at the sea of young mavens, wobbling in their stilettos.

I smiled and thought – “You are so right … I don’t have to prove anything.”

As I kick off my Ugg boots and change to my sneakers, I am off for a brisk walk in the sunshine. I picture the millions of women, in this moment, wincing in pain with scrunched toes, blistered heels, sore backs, stiff necks, all due to the fact that we can all fall prey to our high-heeled ways.

Let’s all take a stand… and while we are standing, can we at least be comfortable?

#UntieHighHeels – #FlatShoesUnite

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