Time to rejoice!

Posted by Remington Bennett
Posted on February 13, 2014

By Remington Bennett

Remington BennettHello my Gwen stars! Hope the holidays treated everyone well and your days were filled with joy, love, and rest. With the stress of college and work I know that this break has filled me with all of those things because, boy, has this been a crazy few months.

This year I have had a plethora of ups and downs. I have met amazing, kind people that I can genuinely call my friends, and I have discovered new areas of my strength. However, I have also been challenged to be bigger than peer pressure and stick to my own personal morals.

Being a college student that doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs can be hard at times, especially when you are surrounded by people that don’t really know you well. I am constantly judged and questioned about why I choose not to indulge in the stereotypical college student behavior. Even though I pull myself together and answer the same questions over and over again, it can still be annoying. However, no matter how many times I have to defend my choices, I can always find a peaceful place to be myself when I come home. I can now say I will always look forward to winter break. The holidays will definitely bring you back to your roots.

But seriously, how wonderful are the holidays though? You get to (or at least try to) put all of your stresses and problems away and spend time with the people that care about you the most: family and friends. Being away for a few months really helped me appreciate the wonderful people I have in my life. For the first time in months, I got to sit down with my best friends and chill like the old days. Regardless of whether or not my choices are popular with my friends, I know that they will love me unconditionally, and make sure I always feel included. As for my family, they are my foundation. It’s because of them I strive to be and do my best. They have taught me to honor myself, enjoy each moment, and do my best to make decisions I will be proud of years from now.

So, my advice for people that are either trying to find themselves or remember who they are is to go back to your roots! A lot of why we feel confused and overwhelmed is because we are often thrown into scenarios and situations that are unfamiliar to us. This can be a good thing because it allows our perspectives on life to evolve, but it can also be a challenge because it tests how well we can stay true to ourselves without getting “caught up”. When we are with the people that we trust and love it is almost like a reminder of what’s most important.

And for those of you that may have lost touch with your roots, it’s never too late to try and connect to the people you once or may still love.

I hope you all have a fabulous new year!


Posted by Remington Bennett
Posted on December 20, 2013

By Remington Bennett

Remington BennettMy name is Remington Bennett and I’m a freshman in college. It’s my first time living away from home and having to navigate life’s challenges, pressures and everything else. In the past, I have relied on the support of my parents and in many cases “used them” as reasons why I could or should not do something. But now on my own and far away at college, I have to rely on everything I have learned and make decisions based upon what I believe to be true for myself.

As I journey into adulthood, I have been able to see things a bit clearer.  I do not look at the certain situations, relationships, and circumstances in my life as coincidental. Even though there are a few occasions when I question how or why things just seem to happen, I am truly a firm believer that everywhere I am, everything that I come across, and everyone that I know is present for a reason.

I have always been aware of my potential and ability to do great things. Ever since I was a young girl, I knew I came here to be my best, be a positive influence, and make a difference along the way. Unfortunately, no matter how positive I am, old-patterns, thoughts, and insecurities can hinder my personal growth.

There are many people that I have met at college that bring out the happiness and warmth in me. However, there are others that I have met that bring a negative, yet familiar energy.  I could deem these people as rude, but I would be doing myself a huge disservice.

Allow me to get a little personal. I have a long history of comparing myself to others. For some reason, inside of myself, I always felt the need to be the best at everything and I never wanted to be out-shined or out done by anyone. No matter how many times my parents told me “as long as I do my best,” I still battled with feeling “less than” if I felt I didn’t.  Over the years, I found I have developed this pattern, which continues to repeat itself and show up in various situations and people. It is hard for me to initially recognize when it happens because the faces and situations are different, and it is easier to believe it has nothing to do with me. What I have learned to look for is the common denominator, and what I have found is that I am the common denominator. Although these people and situations may seem new, they are here for the same purpose: to bring out my insecurities so I can either relive them, recreate them yet again, or conquer them and move on.

I thought I was going into college with a clean slate. I thought everything would be different, and I would wake up and become a whole new person. But it’s just like the saying goes, “wherever you go, there you are.”  Even though no one knew my past, I still seem to encounter people who pushed my buttons and hit very old very soar spots.

By understanding the power of thought and energy, it is my job to continue reinventing myself so that I don’t give into these patterns.  They may feel hard to break, but with persistence and repetition, I am changing. It’s important for me to enjoy life based on my own opinions of myself, and live my life accordingly.  My goal is to live the upmost wonderful and happy life ever.

In my blog, I will share stories about my personal journey, and how I stay true to me in a very challenging environment filled with other options. I am hopeful this blog will help you, and give you the courage to stay true to you as you journey on your way to and through college and life.