GWEN Alert2 Coming Soon!

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Posted on November 20, 2015

As we quickly approach the end of 2015 and are faced with a tremendous amount of global tragedies, GWEN would love for you to donate to a great cause AND to help promote public safety! 

With the current state of affairs around the world, we feel it is imperative for EVERYONE to be equipped with the best solution to let our loved ones know that we are safe. 

PLEASE consider your 4th quarter tax donation for 2015 to be given to Global Women’s Empowerment Network and our GWEN Alert V.2.

GWEN Alert was one of the first safety mobile apps to the market back in 2012.  GWEN 5 allows for you to upload your top 5 trusted people into the GWEN Alert. If you are ever in danger, then a one button click sends them a pre-set text that you are in trouble with a GPS locator. 

Anyone with a smart phone should have this app, as we offer the GWEN Alert as a FREE download, so that it’s affordable for all. 

  • Campus safety (1 in 4 young women are sexually assaulted annually) – plus recent stats of campus mass-shootings
  • People who travel alone, or late at night – WITH CURRENT GLOBAL INCIDENCES THIS IS A NECESSITY
  • Online dating
  • Domestic Violence

WHAT’S NEW FOR VERSION 2 – We are taking the GWEN Alert to the next level. 

The GWEN Alert2 will capture footage of the perpetrator, through a VIDEO COMPONENT built into the app. Every 20 seconds video is captured and is sent to the cloud. This assures footage capture, in case your phone is destroyed or stolen during any altercation. Visual proof will protect the victim and help stop, or solve a crime. 

So… what is our ask? We are looking to raise $20,000 to update the app. This offers you a tax-deductible donation to Global Women’s Empowerment Network GWEN (501c3) #80-0830394.


Here are a few links to videos (PSA) that were created, to illustrate the use of the GWEN Alert:

College Campus Safety

Lizzie Sider: Country Music Teen Star 

Online Dating instructional

Also, please consider donating your used mobile phones. GWEN donates to shelters for battered women.


Co-Founder Tess Cacciatore On CCTV

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Posted on November 26, 2013

Today is an auspicious day for the world of women and GWEN. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stated that today is the “International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women.”

It is important for this type of messaging to get out in the general public, so that we are aware of people taking a stand around the world. Arab Springs, Million Women March, International Day of the Women etc are a great start, but as Tess Cacciatore comments ” it is imperative that networks such as CCTV America, anchors such as Mike Walter and producers like Joana Godinho become the frontrunners in making sure that media and news cover stories regarding violence against women on a daily basis.”

Great exposure for us to get the news out there and for all the world to be aware of the extreme violences that are taking place in the human race: men, women and children.


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Posted on October 28, 2013
Brenda Brown, Board Member

Brenda Brown, Board Member

I previously wrote the following on Tuesday March 13, 2001. I had children in High School at the time of this writing.  I was living in Northern California, it was published in 16 Bay Area County newspapers.  I wanted to share this as October is NationalBullying Prevention Month.  My children are currently 28, 31 and 38.  I have my first grandchild on the way due in April.  Parenting is the hardest job in the World, in my opinion.  However, it is a privilege as well.  Please read on:

Have your kids been the victim of a bully?  Have they witnessed this behavior?  Maybe your child is a bully.  I want all parents to remember when you were in school and ask yourselves the same questions.

I’m a parent of three.  I’ve heard of kids being in class and struggling to understand the work, and a teacher says, “Of course you don’t get it,” all you care about is sports.  Teachers need to be mindful of what they say to our young people as well.  Parents, (you) need to look within yourselves and ask, is there anything you are doing to demean your children as well?

Some of you may think, this (bullying or abuse) could never happen in your home with your children.  Trust me, it can.  Take responsibility and be accountable.  Whether you have an athlete or maybe one who some might consider a nerd, both types of kids have similar issues.  They’re the same.  Stop hearing and start listening to your children.  There is a difference.

Kids, if your parents won’t listen, find someone who will.  As parents, naturally we provide for our kids by working and providing a safe home environment for them.  I know there are some parents who don’t spend a lot of time talking to their kids.  Maybe you are tired from working or had a bad day.  In either case, start listening.

It is time you start being bothered by your children instead of being overwhelmed by your own lives.  Remember your children were given a personal invitation by you to be here.  Be a good host.