The Lesson I Learned From the People’s Choice Awards

Posted by Michael Mazzella
Posted on February 10, 2014

By Michael Mazzella

Michael Mazzella Please take this blog post as an attempt of mine to try and convey my truest inner thoughts and intentions.

Last month, I attended the People’s Choice Awards. I am very grateful to have received the opportunity to go and enjoy myself. It hurt me though. My Dharma, or commonly referred to as purpose in life, is to entertain people by bringing them joy, pleasure, happiness, laughter, and a formulation of words that not only entertain but provoke a thought. I believe that in a single second of true laughter the heart space is fully opened up thus leading to thoughts that may have not entered into the mind otherwise. It only takes one thought to plant the seed that grows into the endless forest of possibilities that we all seek. The universe is an infinite, never-ending space, therefore, the possibilities that we have are infinite and never ending. I AM a teacher. I tell the stories of HUMANS BEING – the stories of the human heart and the endless flow of emotions and energies the soul experiences. These stories can masquerade in the form of a silly television show, such as “The Golden Girls.” Or, display themselves in a deeper, harsher form, such as in the film “Dallas Buyers Club.” Regardless, these are just examples to show that the stories of the human experiences and the existence of the heart are chameleons, taking the form of whatever vessel is required to teach each individual something pertinent. Sometimes these lessons and teachings are wrapped in cursing and crude behavior or in tears that touch the soul. As long as the heart space is opened, a thought that can change the world can live and breathe within us.

People often refer to others as “communities:” the “gay community,” “the African American community,” “southerners,” etc. This should not be the case. We are all ONE community. We are one large community known as human kind. I believe that even the smallest action of one person anywhere on EARTH will affect the experience of all others. Point being, we are all connected. There is no point where I stop and you begin. We are one.

People often state their goals are for money, fame, fortune, a partner, a new car, or whatever materialistic item that is desired in that moment. In reality our goals are all really HAPPINESS. If you seek a new car you are actually seeking happiness. If you seek more money you are actually seeking increased happiness. If your car is busted and you seek it to be fixed, you are truly only seeking happiness.

In order to grow as HUMANS BEING, we must constantly turn to knowledge and growth of thought. Stories, entertainment, and pleasure can do this. Why? Because in order to achieve what it is we seek we must be WILLING to fully open ourselves up to vulnerability, even for just a split second. For example, you are an audience member and the host of the show says something that causes immense laughter, in that moment you allowed yourself to be vulnerable. Here’s a second example, you are watching a movie that causes you to cry or weep because a young girl’s mother may have just passed away, in that moment you allowed yourself to be vulnerable.

Right now, I am choosing to say I am vulnerable and feel vulnerable instead of storing these emotions into the dark depths and pit of my soul. I am choosing to face whatever it is that has shown itself to me. Whatever IT is, it is a lesson. I believe my lesson from the People’s Choice Awards is a lesson in the uselessness of jealousy. I was hurting because I was feeling jealous. Why them? Why am I not up there? This is my life’s calling. It’s the reason that the ALL powerful, ALL knowing, omnipotent GOD and ruler of the Universe placed me on this Earth. I will release these feelings and open myself to sinking deeper into BLIND trust. Blind trust that even though the path in front is not illuminated, it is the right one. I WILL be on that stage, but only in GOD’s (the universe) divine and forever perfect time. In the mean time, I AM choosing to practice gratitude because I have been blessed with endless abundance. I am magnificent and will always receive the endless abundance of the Universe. I will help others to have joy, achieve their dreams and at the same time achieve my own.

It’s time to shine the light on whatever hurts. It’s a lesson that will lead to our highest good. You may call GOD Jesus, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Yahweh, Shiva, or Vishnu, or simply THE UNIVERSE. The highest of highest powers will only work for our highest good and affluence. I call IT Jesus, and am so eternally grateful.

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Michael Mazzella

Michael Santino Mazzella

Imagine a place where drive-through alcohol and bookie-gambling fathers are the norm. Stumped? Well, that place is Lafayette, Louisiana – the place of my birth. It is a fun loving, cocktail-in-the-morning, gossiping kind of town.

My mother, a housewife with the most bless-your-heart southern charm, and my father, a jet-setting dad with a glamour-filled life only Hollywood could concoct, were my only sages. Growing up in a small town, my world comprised of my parents, a sister, a community of ladies who lunch, and a rigid religious education.

At the tender yet tyrannous age of four, I had a feeling that there was something other than my present circumstances that I was meant to pursue. I knew then and there that I was on this planet for a reason. Granted that at the age of 4 my ability to articulate such thoughts was close to non-existent, but the “feeling” was absolutely there. We all have that “feeling” and mine was all encompassing.

There was nothing worse than having the “feeling” and not knowing how to pursue it. I gained weight. I suppressed the racing intents of my mind because I was a cord with no outlet, and it hurt. The birthing pains had begun…good times? I grew to a robust 300 lbs. At the time I didn’t realize it, but this too was part of my path.

One day, I was watching TV with my mother and we came across a woman named Joy Behar and an actor she was interviewing on the now iconic talk show, “The View.” THAT was it! THAT’S what I was born to be! I was meant to become a storyteller of the human experience and continue on an exploration of the human heart through entertaining others.

But how? How on Earth was I going to embark on becoming a storyteller, entertainer, and instigator of laughter that would bring joy to people and open their hearts to the human experience? I needed to learn not about people but about being human.

This question and answer manifested itself through tennis.

In Lafayette, tennis was at the epicenter of the social scene, so I naturally followed it closely. During one particular match, I overheard a commentator that the tennis player in front of them attended the IMG Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. In my extraordinarily naive mind I thought that if this player achieved such success in his career, I must follow in his footsteps and attend this institution too.

Two weeks later, I moved to Bradenton, Florida to attend Bollettieri. The day-to-day hell, physical and mental beating, endless life lessons, friendships that will last a lifetime, and stories of triumph and failure are far too many to list here. This part of my journey brought me closer to realizing that “feeling,” my Dharma.

I knew to get even more comfortable, I was going to have to take a step back and get incredibly uncomfortable first. That discomfort appeared as a debilitating left shoulder injury. As a left-hander, this meant the end of the glory days as well as my career in professional tennis. At the age of 17, I left the institute, knowing I had learned all the lessons it was meant to teach me. I said goodbye to those who had become my new mentors and leaders in thought, such as Monica Seles.

I blindly moved to Los Angeles with the knowledge that failure only breathes when lack of effort does.

My latest sage, Wendy Williams, became my idol. I watched her everyday knowing that one day I would have a stage too that would allow me to be a vessel for whatever message I was am meant to relay. This road is hard; it is riddled with success greater than anything my mind of limited capacity could have conjured, but it has also come with great grief, disaster, and deep loss. I believe these are all lessons part of my path.

Today, I have appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” and spilt my time between Los Angeles and New York City, producing celebrity events and programming. I have learned a lot, but I certainly have a long way to go with countless life lessons in front of me. I’m on a journey and trying my best to blindly trust that it will be “all good in the hood. “

Think of me as the love child of Wendy Williams and Andy Cohen, with a Godmother named Oprah, born in Jessica Lange’s Asylum. Aka, Blanche Devereaux.

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