Lizzie Sider creates #LikeAGirl Anthem

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Posted on March 14, 2015

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When our intention is to insult someone, we use “like a girl” to describe their action. When did this phrase turn into something negative? What are we conveying to girls by using it? –GWEN

“I like GWEN” says Lizzie Sider. You should, too!  

Official lyric video for Lizzie Sider “LIKE A GIRL”
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Posted on August 30, 2013

In response to a petition that was hosted on, Twitter recently introduced a “report abuse” button for individual tweets after a woman was harassed on the social network last month.  Caroline Criado-Perez started receiving rape threats and other abusive tweets when she campaigned to ensure that at least one (non-royal) woman would be represented on future British banknotes.

Started by digital bystander, Kim Graham, the petition demanded that Twitter release better tools for reporting abuse instead of requiring users to dig deep into the company’s help section.

According to a Guardian blog post, a Twitter representative explained that it is dedicated to creating “a safe place for our users” and that is it “adding additional staff to the teams that handle abuse reports.”

The questions is will this be enough and enforced properly to make a difference.  It is definitely a step in the right direction and with the number of abuses on social media sites growing exponentially there needs to be a way to set up regulations.  Let’s keep fighting to take back social media and eradicate it from abuse, so everyone around the world, man or woman, can have a voice for positive change.